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Do you loathe writing but want your content to still maintain your tone of voice? I can write your content for you and noone will ever know… 


Content creation is at the heart of many businesses. Make sure your audience can find you with shareable content and will keep coming back for more!


Have a product or service to sell and have heard nothing but crickets? Good copy will have your customers kicking down your door, begging to buy from you!

A few things I’ve sprinkled my magick on…

Writing about health and wellness is my passion! As a certified health and wellness coach, (mother and blogger), I know a lot about a lot. Keto, breastfeeding, or intermittent fasting, I’ve either personally done it or can research the hell out of it!


I am well versed in ghostwriting Amazon Kindle eBooks. I currently have a few under my belt. Topics include the keto diet on a budget, the keto diet in a nutshell, and everything you need to know about intermittent fasting!


The International Journal of Mental Health: Emotion Mediates Distrust or Persons with Mental Health published in Spring 2014. I completed and published research while in school for my Masters of Science in Organizational Behavior. 


I have worked with several well known blogs and bloggers to contribute guest posts that help to drive their target audience to their content. 

My Happy Clients

A Right Media Mix Can Make The Difference


You need copy that converts your audience into raving fans, hungry to buy your products and services!

Copy Magick is here to help! 
Whether you need content to keep your blog fresh, an ebook written that you simply have no idea where to start, or a product or service ready do go but no one has been buying,
Copy Magick is your solution!


Hey there, I’m Keegan!

I am a freelance writer and blogger with a rather extensive knowledge of just about everything health and wellness. 


I am an ABD. Meaning I almost have a Ph.D. and have spent years of my life researching, so I know a thing or two about how to conduct quality research!


I have tried just about every diet and lifestyle out there! This gives me an edge when writing about things like keto or breastfeeding…been there, done that!


Blogging is my jam! In addition to being able to write detailed academic research, I am also well versed in the ways of blogging. Tone is key!


Have you ever read something and shouted, YES I NEED THIS! That is the magick of well written copy, and that is what I can do your for your business.

Client Love

Don’t take my word for it – here’s what my magical clients are saying:

Keegan is a fantastic writer and a pleasure to work with. Her content is engaging and always top notch, and I have given her some difficult topics! She goes above and beyond, comes through on short notice, and always meets or exceeds deadlines. I have worked with many writers in the past, and Keegan is someone who I can wholeheartedly recommend.

Elna Cain

Keegan is a fast-turnaround copywriter, who is not afraid of big projects! She has multiple full-length ebooks under her belt. She’s created a varied range of content types for me and always writes with a fun voice and style. Keegan is easy to work with and very reliable – I definitely recommend Copy Magick.

Anne Keery

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Keegan on several occasions, having published her amazing work over the years.
Her writing capability and professionalism goes above and beyond each time, and the work she produces is consistently high-quality, entertaining and thought-provoking. I highly recommend her!

Chelsea Clarke

I really loved working with Keegan to get content for my blog. The article was so well written and formatted that I didn’t have to do much before I uploaded it to my site which was a huge time saver for me! It was also received in a timely manner which fit into my content schedule well. Thanks for being so easy to work with!

Monique S.


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