Hey there! I’m Keegan, a freelance health copywriter and wellness guineapig. 

I started out my (very long) college career as a chiropractic technician but quickly realized that signing people in for appointments was not going to fulfill me for the rest of my life. After dabbling around in a few other areas, I fell in love with research and writing useful information that people love to read and share.

Health and wellness are so much more than just “eating right” and “being active.” I write content that helps people not only to understand what it means to be healthy but to take that information and be able to think for themselves.

You can live well into “old age” without experiencing all those annoying signs and symptoms of getting old, like memory loss or joint pain.

Aging is inevitable, “getting old” is an option! 

Health and wellness are highly individual, however, prevention of disease is key to living a life you can love! You don’t need to be a famous biohacker to reap the benefits of having optimal health and wellness. You simply need to knowledge and the motivation to create sustainable wellness practices.

So how am I any different than any run of the mill copywriter?

First off, I’m not JUST a copywriter. I am also a certified health coach, hold a Masters (almost Doctoral degree) in psychology and a marketer.

I won’t just blabber on about statistics and that boring junk that your readers care about but can’t understand. I write copy that speaks to your audience in a conversational and sometimes humorous tone.

I think about the big picture!

I know and understand a lot about health and wellness. From colonics to keto, I’ve either tried it myself or have done an astronomical amount of research on it.

A blog post isn’t just a blog post, it goes far beyond that. It is often the first point of contact that your audience has with you. As a marketer, I understand this and know how to write blog posts that are informative but also leave readers wanting more!

Ultimately – I help you get more customers through a comprehensive inbound content marketing strategy.

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