If you need high-quality health and wellness content for your business, you’ve come to the right place!

Why work with Copy Magick?

To put it simply, I’m awesome!

But really, I love writing and I love working with clients that are passionate about serving their audience. My goal is to create content that you can use on your blog, in your ads, on your website, and across your social media that turns your audience into raving fans that want to buy everything they can from you!

The goal of your business is to get more leads into your sales funnels, more traffic (as in eyeballs on your stuff), and build a strong brand that people come back to again and again. And for that, you need some content magick!

That’s where I come in! 

Writing about everything health and wellness related is my jam!

In working with me you will get content that will help you to make more money and save you time in the process.

As a freelance health and wellness writer, I smash together my marketing and wellness expertise to help you improve your message, get new customers and clients, and have your current customers keep coming back asking what else they can buy from you!

I research the hell out of every piece of content that I write and make sure to source information from relevant and reliable sources.

Although word count is important, for SEO and such, it is not my goal just to hand over a project that meets your requested word count. It is my goal to write compelling content that educated and informs your audience.

Your content won’t be keyword stuffed or filled with Black Hat SEO tactics. Rather, your content will be filled with up to date, relevant research, and information that uses well-researched keyword phrases to please Google.

When you hire me to write for you, you are hiring me for so much more than just writing.

Here are all the magical things you get when you hire me as a writer:

  • Search Engine Optimization – the good kind that will help get you rankings in Google for a long time!
  • Formatting – easy to read text broken down into headers and important bullet points.
  • Photos – royalty free images to help compliment your content.
  • Editing – everything you get is also professionally edited and error free.
  • Headline – to grab your reader’s eyeballs and make them click!
  • Scholarly research – if applicable for your content, on-topic and relevant.
  • Audience research – relevant content that your readers want to know about.
  • Content pitching – need more content but have no idea where to start? Let me pitch you some ideas your readers will love.

Sounds like a pretty sweet deal, huh?

That’s because it is! 

I truly care about my clients that their results.

You could hire someone for $5/hour to pump out keyword stuffed articles that your audience finds it hard to read, but that won’t get you anywhere other than losing readers.

BUT, if you want content that is carefully researched, filled with knowledge bombs and reliable research, then I’m your girl!

I produce high-quality content AND crush deadlines! I have already had the pleasure to work with some amazing bloggers like Elna Cain and Chelsea Clarke.

**Ask me about monthly retainers & bundles for timely and consistent content with subscription-based pricing.**

It’s time to invest in content that actually converts your readers into buyers!

So let’s talk 😉

Captivate your audience with relevant and up to date content. Updating your blog and site regularly lets your readers know that you are THE expert they should turn to.

Create customers and clients that last with high-quality, original web content that speaks directly to your target audience. Go from searching for customers to have them beating down your door!

Let me sprinkle some magic all over your online presence. I can help you attract more customers or clients with proven inbound marketing tactics that will have your audience coming back for more.

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